5 Retail Support Services You Might Consider Outsourcing


Retail is a cut throat industry, and there are many very different tasks that are required to ensure that a store operates without fuss and with maximum efficiency.

Very often the stores themselves are busy concentrating on the day-to-day operations of opening, trading and closing. The tasks involved in just trading alone can take up time for the shop managers and assistants as they make sales, deal with refunds and take time with customers. Once all this is done it just doesn’t leave time to think about things such as Point of Sale Merchandising, Shelving and Racking, General Retail Merchandising, Warehousing and more!

This is where a retail support company can help to provide a service that allows the shop managers to get on with what they do best, which is managing the store, whilst having the peace of mind that the other operations in the store are being looked after by professionals.

Here are 5 services that you might consider outsourcing:

1. Merchandising. It’s important to understand that stores maximize their profits by planning the layout of the store, which helps create an efficient ‘flow’ for the customers. Are you looking for inspiration on how to merchandise your products? Speak to a consultant who will be able to help.

2. Shelving and Racking. Do you need to make your storage and/or display more efficient? By outsourcing your shelving and racking requirements you can let people with experience in the field deal with this.

3. Store Closures. Got a store that isn’t performing and it would be more cost efficient to close it down? Store Closures are a way of maximizing profits if a particular store is struggling. They can be very stressful and outsourcing to a company with experience in the field can be very useful!

4. Warehousing. If you have a small store with not much storage space you might want to consider outsourcing your warehousing services. By sharing warehouse space your costs will be lower and you will see less of an impact on your profits.

5. Store Openings. Are you opening a new retail outlet and need assistance. Store Openings can be stressful as you work towards your opening day deadline, and a missed deadline is a loss of profits!

These are just 5 areas of your retail operation that you could outsource, allowing you to concentrate on the day to day tasks of running your business.

UK Operational Project Support Limited are a UK based company providing Retail Support services including Shelving and Racking,
http://www.uk-ops.co.uk/retail/store-closures/”>Store Closures and Store Openings.

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