5 Things You Should Know Before You Outsource Your Next Project

The motto of Outsourcing is to save your precious time and money. And it has really done very well almost for everyone opting for it. That’s why it has reached a widespread international coverage within a very short time of evolution.

Just like any other field of business, it also has its own types of pros and cons. So, it’s better to be thorough with these pros & cons before you choose to outsource your next project.

In this Article, I am discussing 5 of the most important things that you need to consider before you outsource your next project as below:

1. Outsource doesn’t mean Overseas always: Asian countries like India, Thailand, Malaysia, China are popping up as the greatest outsourcing destinations for the business world around the globe due to the availability of abundant workforce at a cheaper rate than in Europe and America. But it doesn’t mean that you should also join this bandwagon of big corporations and outsource to these countries. Since, your main motive behind the outsourcing is to leverage/save your time so you must choose your outsourcing partner wisely. You may find an exact match even in your local region. Local news paper ads, Magazine ads, local references simplify this searching job for you.

2. Outsourcing is a Relationship: Remember that Outsourcing is a kind of relationship between you and your service provider. You must not neglect this point as because your outsourcing partner should know your business requirements very well to perform and execute at the best. In an outsourcing process, you know that your service provider is working on a specific part of your business, but your clients or prospects don’t know about it. So, having a good relation with him is really important and mandatory to maintain your quality and reputation.

3. You need a proper thinking on this: Yes, before you outsource your project, you must frame a blueprint of the work that you want to outsource. You can’t afford to depend totally on a service provider to whom you want to outsource your business works. You need a clear-cut vision on what you have to outsource and how to do that. Division of labor theory is again very well applicable in this situation. Select the service providers on the basis of their expertise, experience, your requirements and demands for that specific part of your work etc. It will help you keep the things sorted all throughout the association.

4. Outsourcing is to save your TIME; mind it: Don’t neglect the TIME part. If you are outsourcing overseas, do maintain a good level of time schedules and differences. Whether you use CET, EST or GMT you just need to be sure that you schedule down the time zone differences to work best for you. If you are in Australia, you need to be extra cautious in this TIME part, because rest of the world time is behind yours. Try to maintain a standard level of time deadlines depending upon your requirements and the abilities of the service provider. It is always better to work out a time schedule before you sign the outsourcing deal.

5. Work out the MONEY part: Since you are outsourcing your requirements to save time and hence money, you need to take care of the money part too. It’s NOT the deal that your service provider wants; it’s the deal you want. Before signing the deal don’t forget to look for the hidden costs like service taxes, packing and handling charges, transportation costs, extra charges etc. And if you are outsourcing to an Asian country, don’t hesitate/forget to ask for a discount. Finally, if you have taken good care of the second point i.e. a relationship with your service provider; you are just more than sure to have the best prices ever.

Your decision for an outsourcing tie-up depends on the fact that how proactive you are. Get a blueprint before you start; work-out the time & money part, maintain a good relationship with your service provider with the best possible efforts and you can be sure to have the greatest colors of outsourcing in your business sooner. So, enjoy Outsourcing.

Irrespective of the type of the business or the product depth & width, use of Outsourcing and Social Media Marketing can boost up the business you are doing or you are about to enter with me.

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