5 Uses For Document and Archive Storage


Many people and businesses in the UK utilize off-site document and archive storage services. This enables them to make more room in their home or office. However, there are many people that don’t make use of off-site storage as they think it is an expensive option or don’t realize what they can use it for.

Here are 5 things that you can use off-site document storage for:

1. Medical Records Storage. Off-site storage facilities are secure and easy to access. For large hospitals, or even in some cases local doctors, the number of paper based records that have built up over the years can be space consuming. Also, with the move to computer based records systems they may be looking for somewhere to keep their paper records as a backup.

2. Copies of historic contracts. As a secure backup of your paper contracts you could keep copies (or originals) in an off-site storage facility. This would be a good procedure for disaster recovery.

3. Historic customer records. If you keep paper copies of customer records or orders for goods or services then you may quickly become over run and struggle for space. Off-site archive storage is perfect for this kind of information if it doesn’t need to be referenced on a regular basis.

4. Drawings and plans for planning permission. Once a project has been completed its a good idea to keep the plans in a safe place. Archive storage facilities are secure and ideal for large A0 CAD drawings

5. Audit and financial records. By law, each company is required to keep their financial records for a certain period of time. A large company could quite quickly find that their archive space becomes valuable and realize that it’s time to move archived financial documents off-site to a secure location.

One of the main reasons people do not use archive storage is because they think it’s too expensive. This is a corporate myth. In comparison to office space in central London for example, Document storage facilities are available at a 1/5 of the cost.

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