6 Key Areas to Consider When Choosing an International Courier

If you run a global business you will, no doubt, rely on third party services such as International Couriers. The performance of these third parties very often has a significant impact on the reputation and perception of your own business, so its vitally important that you get the right company in that fits your criteria.

But what should you look for when selecting your International Courier?

Client References – If you can speak to people who use the Courier and find out what they have to say about them. Do they have any damaging weak points that could ruin the perception of your own business?

Reliability – How reliable are the couriers? When they say they are going to arrive to collect a parcel at 1pm do they turn up on time? Do they keep their promises and get the delivery to its destination by the agreed deadline?

Appearance and Presentation – Do they have a smart, professional appearance and uniform and are the staff presentable and polite? This can be an important factor – remember that they are the front line and people who order from you will be meeting the courier face to face.

Cost – Naturally, people always look at cost first but be careful that you dont substitute quality when negotiating your pricing. Remember the golden rule – you get what you pay for.

Coverage – Where are the Courier company based, and where do they ship to? Can they fulfill all of your requirements and reach even the most remote of destinations?

Availability – Can you get hold your Courier Company when you need them? If you operate a 24/7 business can they provide this sort of service?

These are just a few pointers to help you in your quest to finding the right International Courier Company. If you are still unsure you could consider using an International Courier consultant who will have already researched hundreds of different companies. They will be able to talk to you to discuss your requirements and recommend the right courier for you.

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