6 Ways a Courier in NYC Will Deliver Your Parcels


New York City is a big place, split into many districts, and a NYC Courier has to be able to navigate the streets of the city in the most economic way to get your delivery to its destination on time. On top of this, if you are sending a parcel outside of New York then the Courier has to be able to achieve this using a variety of different methods of transport. New York is a big place, America even bigger and the world even bigger still!

To combat the day to day challenges of delivering your parcels and packages the NYC Courier companies will use different methods of transport to achieve your request.

These are as follows:

1. On foot. For local deliveries within the same district, it may be feasible for your courier to hand deliver your letter or parcel on foot.

2. Via Messenger bike. A common site in the city is that of a messenger on a push bike. These are ideal for shorter journeys and can help to combat the slow traffic often found in the city.

3. By Van. If your parcel is too large to carry by foot, or on bike, or the distance to travel to the destination is too far then the courier may use a small van to make the delivery.

4. By Train. If the delivery is outside of New York, then it may be cost effective, and time effective, to send your delivery by train.

5. By Plane. If you are sending a parcel overseas and it needs to be there fast then sending your parcel by air is the best (and only option) to get your delivery there on time.

6. By Sea. If you are sending a large amount of goods to an overseas destination, and time isn’t so much of a factor then your courier could send your parcel on a freight ship. This option would usually only be considered for a high volume of large items.

As you can see, there are many different ways that your NYC Courier can get your consignments out to the destinations and we often take these for granted as long as the parcel gets to its destination on time!

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