7 Benefits of Hiring a Multi-VA Practice


A Multi-VA practice is a team of virtual assistants who provide a variety of VA services and quality work. Most Multi-VA practices have one owner who then subcontracts projects to other virtual assistants who have the skills and experience to complete the project.

There are a lot of benefits in hiring a Multi-VA practice as your virtual assistant service provider. I will touch on seven of these benefits:

1) There is always an expert available. With a team of virtual assistants available to work on your project, you are guaranteed that there will always be someone available that has the necessary skills and expertise to complete the task.

2) Large projects can be divided among the team. This allows for larger projects to be broken down into smaller tasks and, therefore, completed faster and more efficiently than if one VA was to take on the task. Many hands make light work!

3) Associate virtual assistants are usually located in different time zones. Having VAs located in your time zone as well as either ahead or behind you allows for your work to be completed at all hours of the day. Your tasks may be completed while you are sleeping and ready for you before you start work in the morning.

4) The client is in contact with one person. A virtual assistant manager usually is in contact with you. They are the one responsible that the output you receive is of the highest quality. The manager is also responsible for deciding which associate VA is the best person for the job.

5) The client is only paying for the time spent on their work. Even though there is a team of people working on your tasks, you still only pay one hourly rate. You are not paying when the VAs check their emails, work on behalf of another client, or take an extra long lunch break.

6) If a client likes the work of a particular member of the team, they can ask for them to be their VA. Most Multi-VA practices have provisions for you to work with a particular team member and even for contracting outside of the company with that VA.

7) The client is in control of what work is completed and when. Even though the team manager sets you up with the best virtual assistant, you are still in control of what tasks that VA completes and the deadlines they need to abide by. The team manager will assist you in setting out these tasks and deadlines.

In choosing any virtual assistant or Multi-VA practice you need to make sure they are the best fit for you and the work you want completed. Check them out by going to their websites and the websites of any organizations the VA belongs to. Make sure to ask as many questions as it takes for you to become familiar and comfortable with your choice.

Darrell A. Williams is the owner of Right-Hand-Man Virtual Assistant Services – a Multi-VA team practice. Darrell has over 7 years experience in the administrative support field. He has worked for non-profit organizations in Canada, the US and the UK. He has also worked as an event planner and personal assistant. Darrell has not only been self-employed, but has also held management positions in several companies and has worked in private sales contracting. Through our commitment of constant educational upgrading, Darrell recently increased our company’s capabilities by completing a Legal Administrative Assistant training program. Darrell’s specialties include legal administrative assistance, editing, proofreading, document formatting and calendar management. [http://righthandmanva.com]

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