75 Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Do for You


Two of the most frequent questions I’m asked are “What exactly can you do for me as my assistant if you’re virtual?” and “How long does it take you to do this or that?”. It’s hard to determine how long a lot of tasks will take. But you’ll find that many tasks can easily be done within an hour.

As for how your assistant can help you virtually, below is a list I’ve created of 75 Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Do for You:

  1. Create and set up monthly newsletter
  2. Write and post your blog
  3. Create Social Media Profiles (I.e Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn)
  4. Research and set up a CRM to effectively manage all of your contacts
  5. Set up workflow automation
  6. Post status updates to Facebook and Google+
  7. Manage your Twitter followers and LinkedIn and Facebook add requests
  8. Invoice your clients and collect all Accounts Receivable
  9. Create and send an email campaign to prospects and leads
  10. Create letters to send to your clients, and help with mail merge, print, labeling and post envelopes
  11. Manage Online Marketing Ads
  12. Create systems to streamline your business
  13. Assist with Data Entry
  14. Create a website
  15. Register you for meetings, seminars and conferences
  16. Manage your Accounts Payable
  17. Research and book your travel (i.e. flights, hotels, car service)
  18. Make business and personal appointments for you
  19. Proofread your deliverables to clients
  20. Provide you with travel itineraries
  21. Manage your email by responding
  22. Design marketing flyers and post cards
  23. Write newsletter articles
  24. Research your competitors
  25. Create, edit, format documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  26. Create flowcharts for your business procedures
  27. Create a processes manual
  28. Book caterers for your meetings
  29. Plan all of your events, including venue, caterer, print materials, etc.
  30. Sign you up for webinars
  31. Ensure you’re registered for any CPE requirements
  32. Sync your calendars
  33. Create content for your website
  34. Create a PowerPoint Presentation for deliverables or projection
  35. Optimize SEO on your Website
  36. Manage your calendar and remind you of your appointments
  37. Manage your Projects from start to finish
  38. Type up handwritten notes
  39. Create meeting agendas
  40. Research and set up a Project Management system
  41. Send handwritten birthday cards to your clients and associates
  42. Convert documents into PDF
  43. Help you go paperless
  44. Order your print materials
  45. Proofread your marketing materials
  46. Create Pay Per Click Ads
  47. Set up a timesheet system for your employees
  48. Create Banner Ads
  49. Manage your Payroll
  50. Create Surveys for your clients
  51. Create an eSignature for your documents
  52. Set up an e-fax for you where faxes arrive as a PDF attachment via email
  53. Send thank you letters to the attendees of your meetings/workshops/seminars
  54. Design and order business cards
  55. Purchase client gifts
  56. Mail out holiday cards
  57. Create and manage a pipeline report
  58. Confirm all of your appointments
  59. Check your Voicemails daily and advise you of them via email
  60. Translate documents from Spanish to English or English to Spanish
  61. Post your events on different sites for exposure
  62. Create your event materials
  63. Make dinner reservations while you’re in town or traveling for business
  64. Do online research
  65. Help you with Google AdWords
  66. Assist in running a Webinar
  67. Help you manage your time
  68. Set up auto responder emails
  69. Design a logo
  70. Process client orders
  71. Order business supplies
  72. Help you manage your QuickBooks account
  73. Set up an automated answering system
  74. Provide monthly maintenance to your website
  75. Respond to all Social Media posts

Each business owner is in a different industry, different growth pattern, has different strengths and weakness, therefore, needs and services rendered vary. However, all of them have one thing in common… you cannot do everything yourself for too long before you burn yourself out. Which of these could you easily delegate?

Cheers to your Success!

C 🙂

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