2010 – The Year For Outsourcing to Take Hold

2010 is not going to be a typical year for business. Just look around and see how things are changing. Almost always after particularly nasty economic downturns, businesses look at the ways they can save money and be more efficient. History has shown this to be true over and over.[…]

5 Types of Services Provided by Courier Companies

There is certainly no shortage of courier companies in the UK. You don’t have to go far before you see a courier van either in a town, or out on the motorway. To many people courier companies provide a basic service – to get a consignment (package or parcel) from[…]

10 Benefits Of Outsourcing For The Small Business Owner

Why should you outsource some of your work? And if you do, how many of your day to day tasks should you outsource? What benefits can outsourcing provide? I have to admit that I’m a big fan of outsourcing. Having had a Filipino Virtual Assistant since November 2010, I have[…]

3 Common Myths of Business to Business Lead Generation Management

Myths in business are very prevalent. Business to business lead generation has also its own share of misconceptions. Let’s take a look at the 3 most common of them and try to identify and dispel them and get your business operation back on track. With that, below are the 3[…]

2 Types of CAD Services – Real Backbone For Infrastructure Development

CAD services become most essential tool to be used for faster infrastructure development in the modern world. All countries are seeking faster infrastructure to earn unique reputation and this need has invented various type of CAD services. Mainly there are two types used in building construction named Structural services and[…]

5 Tips For Brand New Freelancers

Times are tough and many people are looking for alternative ways to earn additional income or to cut back spending. Every day more individuals are turning to freelancing as a solution to the challenges of our current economy. Many project managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs are delegating some of their workload[…]

10 Reasons Not to Outsource

What makes people so reluctant to outsource? Every one has a valid reason not to do it. Here are 10 common reasons not to outsource and the simple answers to overcome each obstacle. 1. Setting up processes and setting up checking systems is too big of a job. What if[…]

10 More VA Tips For Entrepreneurs

There are so many ways to utilize a Virtual Assistant in your business. You can delegate tasks you do not have time for, do not know how to do, or do not enjoy doing. You should delegate the tasks that keep you from doing what you love, making more money,[…]

5 Tips for Working With a Personal Assistant or With Virtual Assistants

Before you begin working with a personal assistant or virtual assistants, you will need to know some important items that are going to be essential for working with them. This will go beyond simply tossing work at them and hoping for the best. These individuals are humans, like anyone else,[…]